New innovative non-woven pp material bags to replace the plastic bags in Europe


Every year the European Commission and countries worldwide are fighting to reduce the plastic bag usage. Many EU countries including Germany, Austria, France,  Italy, United Kingdom, Greece and others introduced bans or eco-taxes on standard plastic carrier bags.

Therefore every year companies of various scale are looking for new solutions how to move from plastic bags to reusable bags.

The biggest problem is the cost. Normally ordinary plastic carrier bag costs around 0,07 – 0,15 EUR excl VAT much less than if to compare with standard 80 gsm reusable bag.

Research and development

BAGFACTORY back in 2016 started to research and develop material which could change the plastic bags.

The material had to be strong, lightweight, non-transparent, reusable and cost wise had to be as close as possible to ordinary plastic carrier bag.

At the end of 2017 we introduced the innovation that will replace the ordinary plastic bags.

innovative loop handle non-woven pp shopping bag that replaces plastic carrier bags

Introducing ECOCENTBAG

BAGFACTORY introduces the special branded bag ECOCENTBAG.

This bag comes as loop handle with with bottom gusset only in size: 50 cm width x 40 cm height x 15 cm bottom gusset only.

ECOCENTBAG which is produced from innovative material has the following advantages:




100% recyclable


Low energy consumption during production


Soft touch material


Easily foldable


Good opacity


Water based inks used in production


60% lower price than standard reusable bags


Price level is same to single use plastic bags


The only alternative which fully replaces single use plastic bags


Can hold up 15 kg of weight


Made in European Union


Short lead times

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